London Calling

5 Things I liked about London
1. The architecture
2. The Underground
3. The museums
4. The shopping
5. All the history that the city has

5 Things I disliked about London
1. The amount of tourists
2. The cost of everything (Everything is doubled!)
3. People are unfriendly
4. Everyone is in a hurry
5. Everything is so extravagant

London was a very overwhemling time. I think going from any third world country to a first world country would be hard anytime, but London was extremely hard to go too. Everything there is so extravagant, and expensive. Its very crowded, and the people are not very friendly. Africa is completely the opposite.. except for the crowds.. Kenya is the most welcoming country that I have ever been to. London was not a very welcoming town. Chris-Ann and I didn't feel like doing anything touristy. I arrived there, and had no intentions to see any of the sights. I was emotionally and physically exhausted, and would have been happy to stay in our hotel.

Chris-Ann eventually convinced me to go out, and we found a few vintage stores, old book stores, and some really nice cafes. We decided to see a show, and saw Stomp.. which was incredible!! We also did a night bus tour. It was pretty fun, and I got some nice pictures of London all lit up. London have beautiful buildings, and such a rich history. We saw a bunch of castles, and cathedrals. I'm happy that we did go out on the town for a bit, it made for some good pictures.

 In the end,  I wish I could say that I loved London. I thought that London was going to be an extremely good part of our trip. I wasn't expecting to feel so overwhelmed. Culture shock took me off guard, and it kind of ruined London for me. I don't think I would go back to see more .. I would love to see the English countryside and seaside, and spend time in a small English town, but thats about it.

Some Pictures!

 Our "unimpressed with London" faces

In the Underground


 National Portrait Gallery

 National Portrait Gallery

 National Portrait Gallery

 Yup.. we saw Harry Potter walking through a park.

 London night tour- London Eye

Parliament Buildings

On the tour bus!

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  1. I hear you. I am from London--grew up there and left as a young adult never to return as it turned out. But yes, it is the most expensive city int the world bu tI love its history and vibrancy plus one can have tea and cakes as with the rest of England and i adore the parks. But it is far too expensive and not worth living in unless one was a lawyer or something. Next time you go, go to HTB church for a time of refreshing.

    And yes, sadly it is a myth that the English are all polite--in fact I find Americans on the whole far more so and more embracing of differences too.