Meet my Friend!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to introduce to my friend Kelcie, aka, Modern Day Revolutionary, at the blog Priceless Sacrifice. She is passionate about social justice, world issues, and our Christian response to these things. Kelcie is full of wisdom, vigor, compassion, sincerity, and intelligence. 

Priceless Sacrifice is where Kelcie unloads all her thoughts, and  ideas and it is guaranteed to stir your heart, and be thought provoking.

I encourage you all to check out her blog!

Have a great day!!
xoxo, Elizabeth


25 Hours of Silence

April 25, 2011 is the day of Silence.

This is happening NOW!!

Be silent for the children that have no voice.

Invisible Children is asking you to raise $25 for the protection plan, which will put radio towers, rescue teams, and rehabilitation centers in place in Northern Uganda. It will go towards protecting children from LRA violence.

Go here for livestream, information and to donate!!

'Break the Silence' Details from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.


CNN Freedom Project

I just wanted to let you all know some great news.
CNN is stepping up to help end modern day slavery.

The CNN Freedom Project <- Click here!

Also, go to this website to upload a picture or video of you taking a stand! Help to take a virtual pledge to end slavery.


One Day Without Shoes

I'm sure that most people have heard of TOMS Shoes. If you haven't, here is a little rundown. Basically, when you buy a pair of shoes, you are actually buying 2 pairs. One pair for yourself, and the second pair goes to a child who doesn't have shoes.

My favorite pair is TOMS are the Village Vegan ones. I got them a few months ago and they are the best conversation starter ever.. There is writing all over them, and I am always getting asked what they say. 

This is what they say:

If the world was a village of 100 people:
1 has AIDS
3 are slaves
48 would have no sanitation
30 are unemployed
20 are malnourished
58 have parasites
43 live on less then $2 a day
23 drink polluted water
11 are illiterate
40 have no shoes

These stats are based on true facts, keeping the world the way it is now, with the same proportions. Going by the stats, everyone has at least 2 of these affecting them.

On April 5th TOMS is asking everyone to go without shoes. To experience what it would be like to no have shoes. 40% of the population of the world doesn't have shoes.  Most people I know own at least 2 pairs of shoes. I plan on going without shoes.  Unfortunatly, I have to wear shoes to work, but anytime I'm not at work, you can bet, I will be barefoot!